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The origin of the name "Kilimanjaro" is not precisely known, but a number of theories exist. Explorers had adopted the name by 1860 and reported that "Kilimanjaro" was the mountain's Kiswahili name and "Njaro" is an ancient Kiswahili word for "shining.

Mount Kilimanjaro or just Kilimanjaro, with its three volcanic cones, "Kibo", "Mawenzi", and "Shira", is a dormant volcano in Tanzania. Kibo, the highest; Mawenzi at 5,149 metres (16,893 ft);[8] and Shira, the shortest at 4,005 metres. It is the highest mountain in Africa, about 4,900 metres from its base, and 5,895 metres above sea level. The mountain has been the subject of many scientific studies because of its shrinking glaciers and disappearing ice fields.

The mountain is a popular tourist destination for many wanting to taste true adventure in life.

Explore the routes one can take to climb Mount Kilimanjaro!

Routes to Kilimanjaro

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