Northern Circuit


The Northern Circuit is the newest route to Kilimanjaro. The route is the longest lasting from 8 to 9 days. The route follows the same as the Lemosho Route for the first two days and then veers off to circle around the quieter northern slopes to the east side of the mountain.

Day 1: Drive to Londorossi Park Gate (2,385m or 7825 ft)and climbing to Mti Mkubwa Camp (2,700 meters or 8858 ft)feet). Hiking time: 5/6 hours. Distance 8 Km or 5 miles.
Climbing from Mt. Mkubwa Camp to Shira Camp 1 (3,500 m or 11483 feet). Hiking time: 3/4 hours.
Day 3: Climbing from Shira Camp 1 to Shira Camp 2 (3,840 meters or 12,600 feet). Hiking time: 5/6 hours.
Day 4: Climbing from Shira Camp 2 to Lava Tower (4,600 meters) and then north to Moir Camp (4,200 meters). Hiking time: 5/7 hours.
Day 5: Climbing from Moir Camp (4,200 meters) to Buffalo Camp (4,020 meters). Hiking time: 5/7 hours.
Day 6: Buffalo Camp (4,020 meters) to Rongai Third Cave (3,800 meters). Hiking time: 6 hours.
Day 7: Climbing 3rd Cave (3,800 meters) to School Hut (4,800 meters). Hiking time: 5 hours.
Day 8: School Hut (4,800 meters) to Uhuru Peak (5,895 meters) and then onto Millennium Camp (3,950 meters). Hiking time: 7 hours.
Day 9: Millennium Camp (3,950 meters) to Mweka Gate (1,640 meters). Hiking time: 5 hours

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