Routes to Kilimanjaro

Explore the different routes to Trek Mount Kilimanjaro. Choose a route from below.
Umbwe Route
The Umbwe Route is steeper and shorter than the Machame Route. Once at the Barranco Hut you will continue on
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Shira/Lemosho Route
The Shiro/Lemosho route has its known for its beautiful views of west Kilimanjaro. The route converges with the Machame route
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Rongai Route
Rongai Route also known as the Nalemuru route. Although the scenery is not as varied as the western routes, Rongai
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Northern Circuit
The Northern Circuit is the newest route to Kilimanjaro. The route is the longest lasting from 8 to 9 days.
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Marangu Route
Marangu route is known for being the most cost efficient route. The route provides dorm like accommodations called the Horombo
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Machame Route
The Machame route is also known as the Whiskey route because the route is considered as the more difficult and
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Kilimanjaro Safaris Lodge
Situated in Moshi, this golf lodge is 0.8 mi (1.3 km) from Moshi Golf Club and 2.6 mi (4.2 km)
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Horombo Huts
Horombo huts are a series of huts seated on a small plateau capable of housing 120 climbers. Horombo is a
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Barranco Wall
Part of the Machame route usually around the 4th day. The Barranco Wall starts off small and is considered a
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