Umbwe Route


The Umbwe Route is steeper and shorter than the Machame Route. Once at the Barranco Hut you will continue on with the other Machame hikers. The descent is down the Mweka trail. Recommended for beginners.

Day 1: Drive to Kilimanjaro National Park Umbwe Gate, Hike to Umbwe Cave Camp (2850m). Hiking time: 5/6 hours
Day 2: Umbwe Cave Camp (2850m) to Barranco Camp (4000m). Hiking time: 4/5 hours
Day 3: Barranco Camp (4000m) to Karanga Camp (4050m). Hiking time: 3/4 hours
Day 4: Karanga Camp (4050m) to Barafu Camp (4700m). Hiking time: 3/4 hours
Day 5: Barafu Camp (4700 m) – Uhuru Peak (5895 m) – Mweka Camp (3090 m). Hiking time: 5/7 hours to reach Uhuru – 5/6 hours to descend.
Day 6: Mweka Camp (3090m) to Mweka Gate (1680m). Hiking time: 3/4 hours

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